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Real-Life Claim Scenario: The Lake Winekka Bridge Club sponsored a casino night to raise money for a local cause. A 71-year-old participant, Sally Jones, tripped over a casino table leg, causing her to break her left ankle. Because she did not have medical insurance, Sally asked the club to cover her pocket medical expenses of $4,037. Fortunately, the Bridge Club had the foresight to select the Medical Payments option on its Event Liability Insurance policy. The policy paid the expenses on the club’s behalf, without consideration of who was at fault. The Board of Lake Winekka Bridge Club was pleased with the outcome – not only had they avoided an expensive lawsuit, it also demonstrated good will in their small senior community.

Estimated cost with Medical Payments: $50
Estimated cost with NO Medical Payments: $4,037

A Smart Solution:
RVNA Medical Payments coverage option

Medical Payments is an optional coverage available when purchasing Event Liability Insurance. It pays the cost of an injured person’s medical expenses up to the limit chosen, without consideration of who is at fault. Medical Payments coverage often helps avoid lawsuits by giving the Insured Policyholder a hassle-free means to appease potentially litigious injured persons.

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