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Event Insurance Preferred by Venues

Venues are Hopelessly in Love with Us

RVNA Event Insurance in Minutes is the #1 recommended insurance by Venues, more than any other Event Insurance. It's the preferred insurance by venues nationwide. Why? Because Venue Managers know that we have the best coverage at the lowest prices for their customers. It's win win.

Proof of Insurance Emailed Blazingly Fast

Proof of Insurance Emailed Blazingly Fast

Email Proof of Insurance to Your Venue in Minutes. Just enter your event information and select coverages. Get an instant quote and Pay Online using our secure application (All Major Credit Cards accepted). We are the #1 Preferred Event Insurance of Venues. Our insurance is A+ Rated.

Cheap Event Insurance

Best Coverage at Shockingly Low Prices

You can run quotes all day long on other websites but you won't find better coverage for a lower price. Venues consider our insurance the Gold Standard and recommend our event insurance more than any other. The best part is our prices are so low they may shock you, so get ready.