Outside Lands Festival Takes Steps To Increase Safety

On Friday, August 8th, thousands of people will descend on San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park to celebrate the 2014 Outside Lands music festival.

Featuring over 80 acts across three days – including Arctic Monkeys,
Macklemore, Kanye West, and Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers – executive vice president of Another Planet Entertainment, Allen Scott, spoke with SF Weekly recently to discuss a few changes that are being put into place for this year’s festival to help ensure the safety of those in attendance:

Smile! You’re On Camera
“We added video surveillance on-site this year,” stated Mr. Scott. “We continue to add tools to be able to respond and become more efficient at addressing any

Let Your Totem Flag Fly Free, But Not Too High
Totems were a topic that came up for Mr. Scott when discussing this year’s Outside Lands and decisions were made as to just what these totems could be made of and how high they could fly. “It’s a way to express yourself but also a way for people to find you,” said Mr. Scott. “This year we decided that totems can be no taller than six feet, half an inch thick, and must be made of light material like swim tubes, light plastic, or balloons. No wood or metal or PVC.”

More Water To Keep Festival-Goers Hydrated
“We’re upping our refillable water stations. We’ll have three tanks throughout the festival with eight kiosks on each tank,” stated Scott. “In the past we used five-gallon tanks like what you have in your office, this year we’re using 2,000-gallon tanks”

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