Brawl Breaks Out At Wedding Reception


“I do” turned into “let’s get ready to rumble” for one couple outside of Buffalo, NY. when a brawl broke out at their wedding reception on Saturday, September 13th.

The Buffalo News reported that seven police agencies were called to the scene at the Orchard Park Country Club after a massive fight broke out just after 11 p.m., as the reception ended and guests were readying to go home. “Things were said that can never be taken back,” says one witness; the paper reports that family members were yelling of their hatred for each other.

About 200 people attended the reception and WIVB reported that an arriving officer saw at least 100 people fighting. The bride and groom were reportedly not among those fighting but the groom was witnessed attempting to help guests exit.

One man received stitches for a head injury, and a few others were treated on the scene. No arrests were made, and while the State Liquor Authority has opened an investigation into what transpired.

SLA spokesman William Crowley said authority investigators are reviewing the incident because the country club has a liquor license.

“The Orchard Park police did reach out to our enforcement office and we are in contact with the Police Department,” Crowley said.

And in regards to the property damage at the club?

“We still are waiting for the damage estimates from management at the country club,” Orchard Park Police Chief Mark Pacholec said, “but it would be up to the country club to pursue restitution. That would be a civil issue.”

Criminal mischief charges could be pursued if witnesses identified people who destroyed property, the chief said.

Benny Chieffo of Jammin’ Sound, which provided music for the reception, described the couple as excellent people whose goal was to provide a joyful time for their wedding guests.

“It was a beautiful ceremony at the country club and an excellent reception that followed,” Chieffo said. “I just hope that the guests don’t forget about the beautiful wedding. It was a picture-perfect wedding except for that last half hour.”