Damage to Premises

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Real-Life Claim Scenario: Molly rented the local Grange Hall for her son’s Bar Mitzvah party. During the event, a candle was tipped over, igniting a tablecloth. Before anyone noticed, the fire spread to the adjacent draperies and up to the ceiling. Overhead sprinklers halted further destruction, however, there was still $92,000 worth of fire, smoke and water damages. The Grange Hall owner sued Molly for damages. Fortunately, Molly had increased her Damage to Premises limit to $100,000 and was fully covered for the damages.

Estimated cost with Damage to Premises: $50
Estimated cost with NO Damage to Premises: $92,000

A Smart Solution:
RVNA Damage to Premises coverage option

$50,000 of Damage to Premises coverage is included with your Event Liability Insurance policy. However, it is highly beneficial to maximize your protection by choosing a higher limit. For only $50 you can increase your limit to $100,000.

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