72 Hours Prior To The Event Start, Jabberwocky Festival Cancelled

Jabberwocky Festival ticket holders left stunned as event is cancelled only 72 hours prior to start.

Jabberwocky Festival Lineup
Jabberwocky Festival(Photo : Courtesy of ATP, Primavera Sound, Pitchfork)

Summer and Fall are popular seasons for music festivals and this past year has been no exception. With so much competition for ticket sales and artists, it is no surprise that some festivals don’t have the outcome event organizers intended for.

With just 72 hours until the event start, event organizer All Tomorrow’s Parties (ATP) announced that London’s Jabberwocky Festival was cancelled due to poor ticket sales.

In a statement on their website, ATP wrote:

We have put everything into promoting Jabberwocky, and despite healthy ticket sales; all our efforts could not take those sales to the point that we needed to finally stage the event. Over the past month and all the way up until this moment we have tried every possible course of action to follow through in delivering Jabberwocky to you, but the position we unfortunately find ourselves in as a result of a succession of events that have lost money in an increasingly aggressive festival market, means we are no longer able to do so.

With some festival-goers and bands were already in or in-transit to London, many performers are scrambling to play other shows in the area to appease those who now no-longer have a festival to attend.

While the cancellation of the Jabberwocky Festival came as a surprise to ticketbuyers, those in the music industry were not surprised at the announcement due to both venue issues and financial problems ATP has faced leading up to the event. Jabberwocky was initially meant to be held at the Olympic Park in London, where ATP briefly sold tickets for it but then the event was re-announced at the ExCel Centre in Docklands in East London, a conference venue more known for dental industry conference showcases than concerts.

Despite this recent cancellation, ATP still has 10 concerts listed on its website, including a festival in Iceland next year, headlined by Belle & Sebastian. ATP stated all of the future festivals will go ahead as planned but will festival-goers trust the firm enough to buy tickets for the special events?

The company has already survived one liquidation with its reputation intact among music fans and bands, but at that time, few fans lost money. This time, some might.

While ATP has told fans who bought tickets from a company called Dash to contact it for a refund; Dash is telling people that ATP has their money. “We are very keen to learn where the money has gone!” Dash says in a statement on its Facebook page. It is considering legal action to get the money back.

Just one more example of a Special Event gone wrong…

Outside Lands Festival Takes Steps To Increase Safety

On Friday, August 8th, thousands of people will descend on San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park to celebrate the 2014 Outside Lands music festival.

Featuring over 80 acts across three days – including Arctic Monkeys,
Macklemore, Kanye West, and Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers – executive vice president of Another Planet Entertainment, Allen Scott, spoke with SF Weekly recently to discuss a few changes that are being put into place for this year’s festival to help ensure the safety of those in attendance:

Smile! You’re On Camera
“We added video surveillance on-site this year,” stated Mr. Scott. “We continue to add tools to be able to respond and become more efficient at addressing any

Let Your Totem Flag Fly Free, But Not Too High
Totems were a topic that came up for Mr. Scott when discussing this year’s Outside Lands and decisions were made as to just what these totems could be made of and how high they could fly. “It’s a way to express yourself but also a way for people to find you,” said Mr. Scott. “This year we decided that totems can be no taller than six feet, half an inch thick, and must be made of light material like swim tubes, light plastic, or balloons. No wood or metal or PVC.”

More Water To Keep Festival-Goers Hydrated
“We’re upping our refillable water stations. We’ll have three tanks throughout the festival with eight kiosks on each tank,” stated Scott. “In the past we used five-gallon tanks like what you have in your office, this year we’re using 2,000-gallon tanks”

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Outside Lands Music Festival Lineup
Outside Lands 2014 Lineup

5 Reasons Why You Should Acquire Event Insurance For Your Special Event

When most people think about insurance policies, they think of them in the traditional varieties of car insurance and homeowner’s insurance. However, there is another type that event organizers and vendors should be well aware of: Special Event Insurance.

Special Event Insurance is just that, a specially tailored insurance policy that may be purchased for a wide variety of events from car shows and fundraisers, to theatrical performances and much more.

Below are 5 reasons why purchasing event insurance for your special event is money well spent whether you’re organizing the event or are a vendor.

1) Accidents
How many times have you seen or read news stories about mishaps at events? Regardless of what type of event is being held, accidents can happen and an event insurance policy is essential for the protection of organizers and vendors alike.

2) Property & Damage to Premises
Whether you’re renting a venue space or having an event in a private residence, regardless of the amount of people in attendance, chances are high for some premises damage.
To give a short example, if you rented a space and a fire occurred during your event that caused $92,000 in damages, the cost of repairs would be fully covered by the policy pending if your damage to premises limit was $100,000.

3) Care, Custody, Control Liability
Most liability policies have provisions that exclude coverage for physical damage or loss to property while it is in the care, custody or control of the event organizer or vendor but with special event insurance, it is a coverage that can be added if desired. A great example of how this is type of liability is beneficial is the case of Caroline and her husband’s 50th birthday party. Caroline rented an elegant ballroom for her husband’s birthday party and unfortunately a bottle of red wine was broken during the celebration, staining both the custom Persian carpet and adjacent travertine floor. The owner of the ballroom sued Caroline to recoup the expenses to replace the entire carpet and a large section of travertine floor – amounting to $48,500. Fortunately for Caroline, she had purchased the Care, Custody, Control Liability, so the loss was covered.

4) Liquor Liability
Liquor Liability provides coverage and defense for an event holder who charges for alcohol and is sued for bodily injury or property damage caused by intoxicated event guests. If there is any money changing hands and alcohol is served, Liquor Liability coverage provides the proper protection needed by event holders and vendors alike.

5) Comprehensive
When you break it down, event insurance is all about protection. The most important benefit of event insurance is that it is a single, comprehensive policy specifically tailored to the needs of those holding special events or providing vendor services at events.

Special Event Insurance Featured On Newly Launched Fireman’s Fund Website

Firemans Fund Fireman’s Fund announced the launch of it’s newly revamped website today and we are thrilled to share that Special Event Insurance is featured on the site.

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