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An annual vendor policy is an RVNA Event Insurance policy with all coverages available to the vendor, except cancellation. The event insurance policy is available from 1 day, all the way up to 365 days with unlimited Certificates of Insurance.

RVNA Event Insurance for vendors and concessionaires is specifically designed to cover the unique financial exposures of vendors, exhibitors, entertainers and performers who work on an independent contractor basis at local fairs, festivals, special events, private parties, conventions or trade shows. Our program provides essential liability protection for claims arising out of your operations.

Annual Vendor Insurance FAQs

How much does an annual policy cost?
The cost of an annual Concessionaire/Exhibitor/Vendor policy is approximately $350.00 per year. Purchasing an annual policy in lieu of a one or a two day policy several times each year can save you hundreds of dollars.

What if I need a Certificate of Liability?
To get a Certificate of Insurance just sign in to your account using RVNA's online policy management system. You can add an Additional Insured to your policy and immediately print a Certificate of Liability Insurance with the Certificate Holder name and wording required by the event site/venue. With RVNA's online advantage, you have access to add and print unlimited Certificates of Liability.

Do I have to pay for a Certificate of Insurance?
No. There is no charge for a Concessionaire/Exhibitor/Vendor Certificate of Insurance on an annual policy. You may add as many Additional Insureds and print Certificates of Liability when you need them during your annual coverage period for no additional charge using RVNA's online policy management system. Sign in now.

What kind of events may I attend?
You may attend any type of event that is allowed under the program. You will be provided a list of unacceptable event types at the time of application. You may not purchase coverage for an event which is listed on the unacceptable event types list.

Is the annual policy any different from the short term Concessionaire/Exhibitor/Vendor policy?
No. The coverage is the same for both a short term policy and an annual policy. The annual policy is considerably less expensive that purchasing coverage several times during the year. The annual policy was created as a matter of convenience for vendors that attend many events during the year.

Why should I buy an annual policy?
Purchasing an annual policy saves the Concessionaire/Exhibitor/Vendor considerable money over purchasing short term coverage several times during the year. Purchasing an annual policy in lieu of a one or a two day policy several times each year can save you hundreds of dollars.

How many events can I do in a year?
There is no limit to the number of events you may attend during your annual coverage period. Also, there is no need to list the various events you may attend over the year as many of them are not yet know to you.


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